You have lots of reasons to discover, see again Edirne which is hidden treasure city that hosted a lot of civilizations throughout the history.


If you are interested in history, you can travel to the history in Edirne ,where the history’s most misery and glorious periods occured, by visiting firstly the Selimiye- Architect Sinan’s Masterpiece, Üç Şerefeli Mosque, Old Mosque where Fatih the conqueror-from Edirne- gridded himself with a sword before the conquest of Istanbul, Caravansaries, The Beyazid II Healt Museum and Külliye where mental patients were treated by music and water when in Europe these people were burned as they were though to have demons inside and Sarayiçi where 20 thousand people died of hunger during the Balkans Wars. If you choose sea, sand and sun, you can go swimming at Saroz Gulf where the world’s cleanest sea and beach is and you can dive into blue deeps at İbrice Harbour. If you want different culture besides history, Edirne is the best place that you are looking for. With the coming of spring, you can attend to Kakava festivals organized in May and then historical Kırkpınar Wrestings and cultural activities which are orginized at the end of June, Band and Liver Festival which are organized right after Kırkpınar. Edirne ,which is our figure of the opening to Europe with five border gates at the western end of Turkey , has attracted to domestic and foreign tourists attention with its history , culture and cuisine wealth. After Kırkpınar and Selimiye has entered for the list of UNESCO, Edirne is waiting for being discoverd like a hidden city which is in our sight even if it starts to flourish. In short, Edirne ,the city of hidden treasures which is next to a metropolis city such as İstanbul is calling you.